UFC 127: Dana White Talks UFC 127 Title Implications, Fedor Emelianenko’s Loss

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  1. BoboCarsi says:

    Fuck you Dana you piece of shit

  2. piratebri says:

    dana’s right tho, if he agreed to co–promote with M-1, the ufc would we have today would no longer exist. it would be fucked

  3. josh1212121 says:

    his head’s so shiny

  4. gavidia1991 says:

    Amazing! This video was 8:21 and only about 20 seconds was on fedor and I already see like 800 comments on fedor. People stop crying, fedor is not the best anymore. Get over it!!!!!

  5. ramaslamma says:

    Joe is a lot more passionate about UFC and understands the technical aspects in much more detail than Ariel. And he can hang in there with a lot of the big dudes…

  6. UZYYYY says:

    @MrVillathekilla Joe IS A FIGHTER, you obviously don’t know shit about him, how the fuck does he know every single move in the book, Joe is better then Ariel, Ariel is just a reporter, an interviewer, THATS IT

  7. MrVillathekilla says:

    @GigglingGirI I agree joe is so irratating and thinks he a fighter or something. Dana scoop up Ariel and dump joe. Joe just erks me for some reason and I think alot of people feel that way.

  8. rattsnakeratt says:

    Dana White is a chode

  9. mattgoeswestking says:

    @stupidazns yer your big mismatches its coz they just want big knock outs

  10. GigglingGirI says:

    Ariel is the best interviewer for UFC Dana should employ him and get rid of Joe Rogan.

  11. stupidazns says:

    @kpcpcpc Yes you prove how retarded you are by even arguing against what I said, because it is a fact that Strikeforce puts on mismatches and their fighters for the most part are amateurs, past their prime oldies or UFC cuts. You can’t argue against that so you have to resort to insults and assuming that because someones favorites list isn’t full of MMA stuff they don’t know anything… Keep it up, your stupidity is amusing.

  12. amyalewine says:

    Dana is wearing a Tyson Tshirt knowing how Tyson called Don King a reptillian motherfucker is funny. Dana White is a tongue darting, reptillian blinking lizzard same as Don King. Every notice Dana darting his tongue much faster than any human. His eyes glaze over like a snakes. Watch closely and you will also notice his pupils change shape.

  13. kpcpcpc says:

    @stupidazns UFF is a mistype of UFC whats the matter too fucking stupid to figure that one out? and
    “You prove how retarded you are by even arguing against my statement.”
    yeah anyone who argues with you is a retard. wow must be great to be you then oh great all knowing dick sucker. yeah I’m sure you know loads about mma as your favs reflect such a deep interest in the sport you fucking Uninformed Fan Cunt. Go back to watching guys jerk off on sushi on TUF

  14. VelvetSpruce says:

    This is the same guy who over hyped Brock Lesnar who which got dropped curled up & nearly lost to Carwin, than destroyed by Velasquez. Why has he always been dissing Fedor for, seriously?

  15. XMMAFANX says:

    Was an entertaining event. Kinda shocked BJ gassed out again, I don’t know why lol.

  16. Punchy871 says:

    i do believe dana it might be over for fedor his age alot and i think its his time to hang it up like chuck the ice man liddel !!

    both great fighters

  17. TheHawk545 says:

    see where your coming from about okami, but he has been showing lots of improvment and good wins over people. you got to figure there is no one in middleweight tso thats another reason

  18. oc1omaen says:

    I don’t see how Okami deserves a title shot so soon. It took Jon Jones forever to get his title shot and he’s destroyed his every opponent except for his DQ loss to Hamill. I’m glad he finally got his shot now but it shouldn’t been only because Evans got injured. As for Fedor, say what you want about him but people aren’t talking about him for no reason. He’s one of the greatest fighters of all time and my all time favorite, win or lose.

  19. ALTF4me says:

    Same story as mike tyson with fedor. Mike tysons record was something like 50-1 and lost his last four fights? Bringing him to 50-5.. don’t quote me on that lol. Fedor is in the same boat now, lost his edge in the fight game, probably time he hung up the gloves.

  20. Dalarna3 says:

    @dooooooer Thank you.

  21. JamesHarmeson says:

    @sheriffquick ok retard

  22. pseudonominous says:


  23. kungiiii says:

    fedor doesn’t even belong top10 pound to pound

  24. thenewgeneration123 says:

    @enesog He have been saying that since fedor fought hong man choi, fedor fought sylvia who was top 10 at least, andrei who was nr 2 at the time with 5 win streak and over rothwell, nelson and werdum……

    And no i have been saying that, he is not the best anymore, Cain, JDS, Overeem is the top 3 hws right now IMO

  25. meatballboy96 says:

    @chalotnufc wtf i only said a true fact?! and yes he lost to JDS?