Time for Emelianenko to Come Back

The existence of the sensation in heavyweight boxing arena, the Russian star, Fedor Emelianenko is almost now at stake because of his possible intentional approach towards oblivion. Recently he is acting really cold towards new contracts coming his way.

He abstained from the contract of UFC for the contract with Affliction, turned down Strikeforce making the history’s biggest turn-down of offer just for the sake of money and promotion stuffs.

Now almost all his fans have gone against him for screwing up the event of Randy Couture facing Brock Lesnar. What is worse is now that his age and injuries are taking over control of his mind and performances and his actions as well.

There used to be a time when Fredo Emelianenko was to clash against anybody, everybody would know of it because it was a Fredo Event. Nobody could blend the martial arts into that particular lethal combination like he could; a combination of speed with moves.

With the right-hand punches and swish-past movement to corner the beasties used to be a piece of cake for him. He whitewashed even the Japanese, the ones to know martial arts even before birth, when he went to play there. A nasty blow on his head by Kevin Randleman seemed like a mosquito bite that could be ignored. He was a man blessed with victory no matter what, in his glorious days. Nobody has a clue about what has gotten into him that he is behaving in such a weird manner.

Still the fans are crossing their fingers, hoping to see him again at the UFC, facing off against the likes of Anderson Silva and Alistair Overeem, though he has screwed his relationship with the UFC quite badly. His fans do not want him to get drowned into such oblivion. Fredo Emelianenko should make his end as glorious as the way he started.