The Ultimate Fighting Championship

This site is dedicated to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and MMA star, Fedor Emelianenko and we decided to give those who are new to the world of competitive fighting, a lowdown on the UFC.

The competition has been taking place since 1993, when the first one was held in Denver, Colorado. At this time, the industry was trying to figure out which fighting style was the most effective, so many different ones were being used. From this, the idea of mixed martial arts was born. Nowadays, this type of fighting is popular among many different groups of people, including those who are into to martial arts as a whole, and even spreading to some who like other sports and games, like golf. The biggest rise in UFC popularity occurred in 2011, when it became available to the mainstream. With cable-television showing fights, it could reach more people than ever before.

While the UFC uses the tagline “there are no rules” biting and eye gouging are prohibited and things like fish-hooking, headbutting, hair pulling and groin strikes are frowned upon. Matches are scored by three judges, who give the winner 10 points and the loser 9 or less. If the judges cannot agree on a score, there are many other ways in which the match can end. For example, if two judges favour one fighter and one favours the other, it will be called a split decision, whereas if one judge scores a draw, it will be known as a majority decision. The referee keeps a lookout for any illegal moves and has the right to disqualify either fighter. He can also give the fighters verbal warnings and deduct points as he sees fit. It is a very exciting sport, which is definitely not for the feint-hearted.