Frank Mir unsure about his UFC comeback

Frank Mir, the former Ultimate Fighting Champioship (UFC) world heavyweight champion is not sure when he will return to action after four defeats in a row. Mir, one of the most accomplished wrestlers in MMA history, has not won a bout since December 2011 when he was defeated by another all time UFC great Antonio Rodrigo.

In a recent interview with a media outlet, Mir expressed his concerns over returning to the octagon claiming that he does not when he will return. He told that he is just taking his time off and weighing out all the possibilities before returning to the UFC ring.

Frank Mir is the pioneer and one of the most active wrestlers in the UFC. In his interview he added that both he and his family will take the decision when to return to the octagon but as of now they have not arrived to a conclusion. Mir, who currently holds the record for most victories and submission wins in the history of the UFC Heavyweight division, will be a big lost to them if he decides not to ply his trade in it. He is also the only person in the history of UFC to win a bout by a toe-hold submission.

The Las Vegas born fighter has fought almost against all the best of the best throughout his career. Frank Mir has not competed since losing to Overeem last February and has since made frequent trips to New Mexico to help out his Jackson/Winkeljohn team but he has ruled out chances of any fight there in the nearby future. Mir though is on a losing streak but the magnitude of it is not that big enough not to be overcome. Like Mir, Andrei Arnlovski also could not win a bout from 2009-10 but overcame it and is now ranked 7th in the official UFC Heavyweight rankings. Mir needs to bring everything in place before making his UFC comeback and is now ranked 12th in UFC rankings.

JR talks up Brock Lesnar-Daniel Bryan future

Jim Ross, the legendary broadcaster for the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE recently updated an article on his blog where he wrote that he hopes the WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign of Daniel Bryan lasts longer than a cup of coffee as many of his fans seem to fear.

And he went on to add that he does think that Brock Lesnar will become the new kingpin of the promotion and what could be more attractive than a Lesnar versus Bryan title match for Summer Slam.

Many analysts think it is this fan fear that the WWE needs to cash in on. Bryan fans will be constantly living in fear that he will drop the title whenever he is pitted against a wrestler of some caliber and the formula will be a success if he manages to defend the title against Kane.

But the question on many fans’ minds is also regarding why some consider Brock Lesnar as the villain simply because of his affiliation with Paul Heyman. He is not someone who is prone to using dirty tricks inside the squared circle to win a match and there is very little retreat in him as well.

Perhaps, the current sporting environment always calls for a hero-villain battle and the WWE will probably use it to promote a clash between the good guy Bryan and evil Lesnar in the near future.

Brock Lesnar has always been a bully on the show and maybe that is one reason why he is often seen as the heel but maybe this time around, if he wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the promotion might just give it a thought about promoting him as an honest fighter who goes out to the ring and gives it his best shot, regardless of the situation.