MMA Fighters Criticize Wrestlers Guilty Of Drug Use

The recent reports on continuous failed drug testing incidents in UFC have miffed a lot of clean fighters and they have openly criticized the unethical behavior as shown by the guilty wrestlers.

One among the biggest concerns at this present moment is huge negative impact of this issue on UFC & MMA sports in general.

However, Daniel Cormier, who is also one of the most significant critics of the unclean wrestlers, is of the opinion that the discussions going around the social networking portals regarding the drug issue are actually good- as its helping to raise awareness.

“When you take to social media, you will see fans feel that it’s ominous for UFC. But I feel that it’s actually good. It is working should go on like this”, stated UFC heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier.

“It is actually exposing the wrong guys who’re taking to short cuts. You should keep on testing these kind of guys. You should tell them that cannot escape with cheating. I feel that it is no bad thing, in fact, a very good thing. You should go on with more testing. It does not matter at all that what is your ranking- if you’re into wrong things, you should be exposed.

The biggest of shockers in the entire PED fiasco is probably the failed test of erstwhile UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva. Anderson tested positive in a test before his 183 UFC main event bout against Diaz (Nick).

Michael Bisping is another fighter who is heavily annoyed with the MMA fighters’ dependence on banned performance enhancing drugs.

“I would prefer to see evert main & co-event getting tested, as well as 2-3 guys on card randomly getting tested & there must be random testing prior to fight”, remarked Bisping.