Video Score: 4 / five


  1. denZneb says:

    он рулит

  2. 01Titoo says:

    LISTEN TO THAT SPOKE Mike Tyson, Bas Rutten, Randy Couture, Wanderlei Silva, Renzo Gracie, Mauricio Shogun, Rampege Jackson, BJ Pen, G.SP, Jonh Merriman, Josh Barnett, Alistair Overeem, Jeff Monson, Pedro Rizzo… Stefen Quadros, Jay Gleiso, Minotauro, Gegard Mousasi, Fabricio Werdum, Diego Sanchez, Tim Silvya, Jonh McCarthy… Brandon Vera, Kevin Randleman, Anderson Silva, José Aldo, Jr. Cigano, Ronda Rousey… ETC… HAHAHAHAHAHA


    RESPECT Florianópolis-BRASIL

  3. stonewindimmortal says:

    I thought bruce lee had fights there are records of the events and round time. Can you look it up with me.

  4. stonewindimmortal says:

    I love it when Fedor was hugging his daughter. It shows a very human side to that machine.

  5. ratty2012 says:

    Now i have nothing against bruce lee he was a pioneer of mma but he had no documented sanctioned fights. Kimbo slice beat the shit outta people on the street but look what happened to him in sanctioned matches. Just food for thought.

  6. bobbyd963 says:

    It started out beautifully and you absolutely nailed it with the first instrumental and the highlights of him training and his opponents but it took a weird shift when the music changed and showed him with his daughter on the water slides. Good job though.

  7. Obhi33 says:

    The great Fedor!!!

  8. ArtyomWake says:

    Фёдор ещё вернётся……и всем ПИЗДЕЦ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. MrLargeForce says:

    bruce lee was a legit fighter & he was the first fighter ever to do use multiple styles of fighting in 1 and without knowing it he created MMA and bruce lee grew up in china during WW2 and he would fight gangs before moving to america where he taught kung-fu style mma to americans of any race after his day time job as a teacher he also was a big fan of Muhammad Ali’s foot work when boxing & he use to try and learn it and learn why Muhammad Ali was so fast and he has always been a student of mma

  10. MrLargeForce says:

    actually the movies are not real but bruce lee was a real fighter he grew up in china getting fights with gangs and police he has had more street fight then the diaz brothers

  11. cajunstratjr says:

    Dude, you know martial arts movies aren’t real, right?

  12. Themuffinman5466 says:


  13. MrLargeForce says:

    actually i know a lot about bruce lee and I’ve seen a lot of fedors fights and I’m not impressed

  14. cajunstratjr says:

    You really have no idea what you are talking about. Please just shut up.

  15. MrLargeForce says:

    your the retard because fedor wouldn’t be able to punch or grab bruce lee he is quicker than any fighter today and he had a forced deformity where he broke his knuckles so they would heal and the knuckle bone would be bigger than one in any heavy weights hand and he was more determined fighter than any today either he also was the first ever mma fighter because he combined judo and his style of kung fu with boxing

  16. IbanezjemJSX says:

    fedor chucks people who are like 20 stone around like nothing and bruce lee was what? 8stone?
    not that they would ever fight like, fedor was a heavy weight, bruce lee was a light weight… you retard haha

  17. pastiesandagstring says:

    Right. Bruce Lee was boss, don’t get me wrong. Honestly that sounds like a dream match. I can see both of those guys giving eachother a run for their money. Bruce didn’t really compete though. The footage you see he does kick some ass, but he rarely fought competitavely, so you can’t really say what his record truely was. Fedor is about double what Bruces weight was as well as having more evolved knowledge and experience of the sport. If only… A boy can dream can’t he?

  18. LordOfHorroR1 says:

    agree with u. *facepalm*

  19. MrLargeForce says:

    don’t take it so hard a lot of people on this vid where wrong 2

  20. pyroboyification says:


  21. MrLargeForce says:

    bruce lee was a still is undefeated and came up from nothing during the time where china was invaded by japan and his devotion to fight is un matched and he would beat this russian in a fight simply with speed and he wouldn’t ever get touched, come on look at his beer belly he wouldn’t stand a chance

  22. pyroboyification says:

    i hope you are joking…

  23. pyroboyification says:

    i hope you are kidding

  24. MrLargeForce says:

    come on now we all know bruce lee was the best fighter ever

  25. MrLargeForce says:

    fedor was good at his time but now his old stats matched 2 now don’t look so good i mean his weight 2 muscle % or his speed, he was good back then but if your put him against some1like frank mir now he would b destroyed & thats nothing against him thats just how the world works it lik saying GOD ak-47 is a good gun but u compare it now & it doesn’t match up 2 the modern military guns ( metaphor ) he was good but now he isn’t but not his fault and if frank was born when he was he would b the same