Fedor Emelianenko – Greatest Fighter that ever lived – Highlight video

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  1. GG1X says:

    Estoy de acuerdo, el mejor de la historia.

  2. GG1X says:

    Estoy de acuerdo, el mejor de la historia.

  3. chicolatino13 says:

    Love the final clip of Fedor walking out of the ring after DEMOLISHING an opponent with the low drum beat in the background. Thats just EPIC!!!!

  4. BLEDA127 says:

    Fedor is and will always be the greatest. He is a legend, no one will ever achieve what he has achieved in mma!! He is the man!!

  5. GuckFoogle says:

    dana white disliked this video 49 times

  6. MisterDoom1 says:

    A win or a loss, Fedor showed the audience his heart. As a fighter, that’s the greatest thing you can do.

    If his loss against Silva was the last time we see him in the ring, he’s still left behind a legacy that will always be remembered in the MMA community.

  7. grig24x says:

    he can fight!

  8. Mrjorgegarciaify says:

    this mother fucker iisssssssssssss a legend simply the best to ever step in the ring…love Fedor never hold back…he the best ! ! !

  9. CrazySerbsAgain says:

    Fedor is the Man…..!!!

  10. amzarindie says:

    cool..he is super!

  11. cdizzzzle says:

    If you see what the fighter sees at 5:27 your having a bad day

  12. SarAein1 says:

    If anyone doubts Fedor at all…tell them to watch this video.

  13. daitantamashii says:

    @IJustWhat Yeah it’s unfortunate, but I don’t see why everyone’s saying “he sucks”, as if it really matters what anyone thinks. He’s already left his record in the mma world that will take so, so long to even come close to breaking. Not only did he fight in mma, he also was highly competitive in judo and sambo. That’s a lot for one man to be doing constantly for 11 years. But no one thinks about that.

  14. DuckAnnoyance says:

    @TheLakersmen if you’re asking what the song was, it is called “In the House, in a heartbeat” by John Murphy


  15. DamienWar says:

    @condemned8282 I agree fedor is a legend that no one gives respect. I mean for 6 years ufc hw championship revolved around mir, couture, tim, nog and andrei. It wasnt until brock came along the new breed started to make news aka cain, jds, shane and so on. Fedor already destroyed tim, nog, andrei, and no doubt in my mind he would win over mir and couture, so if fedor ever came over to ufc he would have easily been in hall of fame by now.

  16. TheLakersmen says:

    how is the first music of the video?

  17. IJustWhat says:

    He lost two fights in a row, which looks like its as good as being dead.

  18. parafracture says:

    @Fischerforever what happend to him.

  19. laubeatz says:


  20. RetroTennisMatches says:

    i’m affraid of fedor after seeing this video!

  21. akuLiloVujaM says:

    mean machine!

  22. RepentKingdom says:

    @vidivideos23 Your argument is stupid and proves nothing. So a fighter who he runs over ppl/finishes his fights isn’t that good beacause his peak finishes before he was 35 y.o. ? So in your opinion Randy couture is a living god right? The best fighter of all time ?
    By the way i’ve had a quick look at your channel, you’ve got to be anderson silva’s official c*cks*cker, going on all bas rutten’s videos saying Silva would ko him LOL are you 12 y.o. , mentally retarded or something ?

  23. vidivideos23 says:

    The greatest fighter that ever lived is Anderson Silva. Let’s remember guys than Anderson is older than Fedor but still dominates against UFC and Pride champions. If anyone should have the right to say that he’s not in his prime anymore, it should be Anderson Silva, but he still improves and dominates.

  24. majorspam001 says:

    Dana white dislike this vid 49 times….

  25. condemned8282 says:

    everybody says that fedor beated mostly weak fighters and only few great ones,but can anybody name some fighters who destroyed more than 5 good heavyweights???? fedor has the most outstanding victory list and this is undisputable.to beat crocop and nogueira(twice) in their peak is enough to be the greatest,cuz great fighters are one in million,the best of the greatest are one in a billion,they are unique.and fedya is unique!! cannot imagine that someone can dislike this video and hum.the best