Fedor Emelianenko might finally be able to sign on the dotted lines that will make him a part of the roster at the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC, it has been revealed, although three years too late for his liking. It was widely expected back in 2003 that he would join the organization led by Dana White, who was his personal friend and aide at that time and everything was in place for his arrival to the company as well but it all fell through at the last possible moment when his advisors at M-1 management sold out to greed and made him sign with Strike Force instead.

That decision almost backfired for them as they pushed their client to the lion’s den where his career was almost ended and he finished with a very poor run of 1-3. But now that Fedor Emelianenko is a free agent, he can finally sign on with any company that he wants and moreover, the poor run of form that he had shown in Strike Force might just make his management company reconsider some of their over the top demands for their client, who is not the force that he once was, thereby almost inevitable handing the cards in the hands of UFC and Dana White.

However, Fedor has very limited options that he could opt for at the moment, one of which is ONE FC, which would finally enable him to headline main events in his native land of Russia. But there is every hope in the UFC that Fedor Emelianenko will hold out for a last hurrah in one of the toughest companies in the business and will sign on the dotted lines that will make him a UFC superstar, a few years later than he would have liked himself.  Alistair Overeem is set to be his first fight.