Bellator Seems Like Running After The Dream Fight

Scott Coker, the Bellator MMA President told the during the holiday week that Brock Lesnar has been asked to show interests in the services he provides. Just before the New Year started, Coker mentioned another heavyweight champion that the company is interested to bring in. He is Fedor Emelianenko.

As per report made by Sherdog’s Tristen Critchfield, Coker will be present at the InokiBom-Ba-Ye in Tokyo in 2014 for New Year’s Eve and it is expected that he will discussion matters with the heavyweight champion who has been PRIDE and WAMMA champions too.

Coker said that he has had mixed signals as the last time that he spoke to Fedor’s people, they said that he has retired and he is only working for the government to support MMA and for the enhancement of MMA in Russia. For New Year’s celebration Coker will be going to Japan for a show and that is when he wants to get Fedor’s attention and see if he has any interest in this.

The heavyweight ranks for Bellator are very thin and with the fact that Coker has set his eyes on both Emelianenko and Lesnar, it looks like he wants the company to book the greatest heavyweight fight there has ever been.

The fight that was always discussed when Lesnar became the UFC Champion was the one where he fought against Emelianenko. That was so called the ‘IT’ fight. The fight saw I Ching from mixed martial arts but unfortunately Emelianenko was put inside the Octagon as both the sides could not decide.

Dana White the UFC President spoke during a UFC in January 2013 on Fox6 media about exactly how narrow the fight became. Now it seems that Bellator is bidding for that fight again in 2015.