JR talks up Brock Lesnar-Daniel Bryan future

Jim Ross, the legendary broadcaster for the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE recently updated an article on his blog where he wrote that he hopes the WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign of Daniel Bryan lasts longer than a cup of coffee as many of his fans seem to fear.

And he went on to add that he does think that Brock Lesnar will become the new kingpin of the promotion and what could be more attractive than a Lesnar versus Bryan title match for Summer Slam.

Many analysts think it is this fan fear that the WWE needs to cash in on. Bryan fans will be constantly living in fear that he will drop the title whenever he is pitted against a wrestler of some caliber and the formula will be a success if he manages to defend the title against Kane.

But the question on many fans’ minds is also regarding why some consider Brock Lesnar as the villain simply because of his affiliation with Paul Heyman. He is not someone who is prone to using dirty tricks inside the squared circle to win a match and there is very little retreat in him as well.

Perhaps, the current sporting environment always calls for a hero-villain battle and the WWE will probably use it to promote a clash between the good guy Bryan and evil Lesnar in the near future.

Brock Lesnar has always been a bully on the show and maybe that is one reason why he is often seen as the heel but maybe this time around, if he wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the promotion might just give it a thought about promoting him as an honest fighter who goes out to the ring and gives it his best shot, regardless of the situation.

Ronda Rousey wants to have 57 babies

Ronda Rousey is perhaps the only person who can lure the legendary Russian Fedor Emelianenko out of his exile.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship holder was never shy with her comments and in previous interview she has revealed her affinity and affection for the Russian legend. But in a recent interview for a media outlet, she went a step further when she stated that she would love to have 57 babies with the former Heavyweight star.

She stated that her affection for Fedor is true, but he is married and her luck ran out on that.

Emelianenko reportedly got married in 2009 and whole promoting her UFC 170 match against Sara McCann in a press meet, Rousey stated that the Russian legend was the first Mixed Martial Artist who caught her eye.

Rousey stated that watching highlights of some old fights of Fedor Emelianenko blew her mind out. She added that it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen and according to her, The Last Emperor epitomizes the image of Mixed Martial Arts in her mind.

The UFC has tried to lure the former PRIDE Fighting Championship and Strike Force legend back from the sporting wilderness and into the promotion to create a sensation among the UFC fans but has been rebuffed in their efforts by the reclusive fighter.

According to recent reports, he has completely ruled out ever making a comeback to the sport, and although he was seen in public for the first time in months during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, it doesn’t mean Fedor Emelianenko will consider any offers to step inside the cage once again.

But that doesn’t mean Ronda Rousey cannot be infatuated about the legendary Russian, who she is yet to meet.