Ultimate Fighting Championship suspends Ben Rothwell

Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight Ben Rothwell has been debarred for months by the officials of the Ultimate Fighting Championship after giving a positive result for lifted levels of testosterone at the Ultimate Fighting Championship 164.

Rothwell beat Brandon Vera on the pay per view card earlier on September, putting down a telling TKO end in the final frame of the heavyweight match. Rothwell, today, revealed that in spite of his confident test results post fight, the athletic commission decided to give him a bang on the wrist. Now it was his mixed martial art promoter UFC that gave him this punishment.

Recently, Ben Rothwell revealed the situations that led him to his suspension. He told that after his win at the Ultimate Fighting Championship 164, he was told that he was tested for an elevated level of testosterone. It came as a huge shock to him because because he had applied for and was granted a testosterone replacement therapy exemption and he was doing that under the supervision of a doctor. He was tested each week for 8 weeks before the fight and was well under the acceptable level every time.

He continued that he applied for testosterone replacement therapy after an endocrinologist and Wisconsin athletic doctors diagnosed him with hypogonadism. The doctors felt that it was caused by a car accident in the year 1999 which left him with severe head trauma. That time, the doctors told him that testosterone replacement therapy was something which could stop the hypogonadism from degrading his body.

Know Fedor Emelianenko

When it comes to the world of heavyweight wrestling, one name stands out tall among the rest, and that is of Fedor Emelianenko. At the present moment, he is retired, and it has been quite some time that he has stepped in to the ring. He has won countless tournaments and championships, and one of his greatest triumphs was when he won the Pride 2004 Grand Prix and also the highly esteemed World Combat Sambo championship on not less than four occasions. And not only this, he has even won medals in the national Judo championship which was held at Russia.

Fedor Emelianenko had been one of the biggest names during his time at the UFC. When it came to heavyweight fights, his name just had to be in there somewhere. And his name cropped up again very recently, when Ronda Rousey stated that her favourite fighter in the world would easily have to be Emelianenko. Ronda Rousey is one of the best in the category of women’s bantamweight in the UFC, and she is quite a champion too, having defeated many in the ring. During a recent chat over Facebook, she commented that she loves watching Emelianenko in action, and he is her favourite.

Fedor Emelianenko had been the Pride FC Heavyweight champion from the years 2003 to 2006, which is quite something to achieve, and if that was not all, he had a staggering 28-fight winning streak over a span of slightly less than a decade. So it is no surprise at all when wrestling enthusiasts and other wrestlers alike often term Emelianenko as being the greatest heavyweight fighter in the history of wrestling. Emelianenko had retired back in 2012, after he took down heavyweight great Pedro Rizzi, but then it is quite apparent that people would love to see this amazing fighter in action even more.