Cigano would love Overeem if he beats Mir

It seems former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos is ready to put the past behind him when it comes to his back to back losses at the hands of reigning UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

But he is not in such a forgiving mood towards Alistair Overeem. Luiz Dorea, the coach of the Brazilian has stated that the former UFC Heavyweight champion is eyeing a return to the UFC Octagon by summer 2014 after he shores up his defense. And if the Dutchman is able to defeat another former UFC Heavyweight champion in the form of Frank Mir at UFC 169, then the much awaited match between the two could finally go ahead.

Dorea stated that Cigano took some time off the sport but he has now returned to training and is looking to get back in shape. He added that they are looking at a return for the fighter in May or June but nothing has been finalized as yet.

He went on to add that the UFC has a brilliant Heavyweight roster and any one can defeat anyone else but the one fight that still intrigues them is Alistair Overeem. He mentioned that this fight was expected to happen before but it didn’t.

But he reiterated the fight is ultimately in the hands of the UFC and Junior dos Santos will take on anyone the UFC feels he is up for. Dorea went on to add that their present plans include a trip to the United States of America where Cigano is expected to undergo some training to up his defensive skills before returning to Brazil and get back to his martial arts training as well.

But whether the long awaited match against Overeem will happen also depends a lot on Frank Mir.

Ultimate Fighting Championship suspends Ben Rothwell

Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight Ben Rothwell has been debarred for months by the officials of the Ultimate Fighting Championship after giving a positive result for lifted levels of testosterone at the Ultimate Fighting Championship 164.

Rothwell beat Brandon Vera on the pay per view card earlier on September, putting down a telling TKO end in the final frame of the heavyweight match. Rothwell, today, revealed that in spite of his confident test results post fight, the athletic commission decided to give him a bang on the wrist. Now it was his mixed martial art promoter UFC that gave him this punishment.

Recently, Ben Rothwell revealed the situations that led him to his suspension. He told that after his win at the Ultimate Fighting Championship 164, he was told that he was tested for an elevated level of testosterone. It came as a huge shock to him because because he had applied for and was granted a testosterone replacement therapy exemption and he was doing that under the supervision of a doctor. He was tested each week for 8 weeks before the fight and was well under the acceptable level every time.

He continued that he applied for testosterone replacement therapy after an endocrinologist and Wisconsin athletic doctors diagnosed him with hypogonadism. The doctors felt that it was caused by a car accident in the year 1999 which left him with severe head trauma. That time, the doctors told him that testosterone replacement therapy was something which could stop the hypogonadism from degrading his body.